Welcome to The Dispensary Cup! 

Now, anyone of legal age can be a judge in our world-class cannabis contests! Instead of the usual, tightly – controlled contests where a few friends of the event producers get to sample and test entries, and dictate which strains and dispensaries are bringing the fire, we’ve decided to make the process more democratic, and use a large pool of everyday cannabis connoisseurs – like YOU, to find out which strains of flower, which concentrates, and which edibles – and most important, which dispensaries are the real favorites!

With judging pools of up to 2,000 people, and an extended testing period – most of our contests are week-long dispensary crawls. We believe that more people given more time to test and critique more varieties simply gives us all a better idea of where to go for the truly best a given city has to offer those of us who choose to partake. YOU are invited!

Rumble in Vegas

The Rumble In Vegas – June 10th~15th, 2019 Las Vegas, Nevada

The Denver Haze – Dates to be announced

The Emerald City Experience – Dates to be announced